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Drone Shows

Drone shows use a swarm of light show drones to create impressive moving images in the sky. The drones' movements and lighting effects can be synchronised with musical accents. Compared to conventional fireworks, drone shows are much more lasting, more precise in their presentation and, with a possible flight duration of 15 minutes, regularly longer.


Whether for corporate events, weddings, anniversaries or spectacular events - our drone shows will give your event that unmistakable WOW factor! Our professional pilots and technicians will take care of every detail so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking spectacle.

Our drone shows are not only impressive, but also completely safe. Our teams work to the highest safety standards to guarantee a smooth and risk-free event.






The world has changed and we are changing it with you.

In the positive.

About 2,050 tons of fine dust are blown into the air every year by fireworks. For the environment and the people in it, fireworks also mean mountains of rubbish from non-reusable pyrotechnic material, nitrogen oxides, carcinogenic substances in the air, heavy metal pollution that can get into the groundwater and a volume of up to 150 decibels, which is comparable to the start of a jet plane, and that not only present a burden to animals.

We hope that all this will soon be a thing of the past and that we may accompany people with our drone shows into the future, in an innovative way.

We offset our CO2 emissions through a climate protection project in Colombia that supports indigenous peoples in protecting their forests. For this purpose, we work together with ClimatePartner (to the climate protection project and ClimatePartner profile). But we are also working on ways to further reduce our carbon footprint. We avoid unnecessary journeys and our drones are manufactured in the EU. We are also working on making our operational processes more transparent and communicating them in the future.

We will go into detail about sustainability aspects in a personal conversation - please contact us for further information.


The Team

Florian Becker

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Manuel Contreras Hernández

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Ronja Donsbach

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Erwin Wilms

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Selection of PARTNERS for whom we were allowed to fly

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  • How much lead time do you need?
    In order to conduct a drone show in Germany or the EU, operators need a permit from the responsible aviation authority. In our case, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) is responsible. We, as a drone swarm operator, hold a valid permit for Germany and for the EU. The LBA usually takes 2-3 weeks to issue a permit for a new venue for a drone show in Germany. We have experience with working with other Civil Aviation Authorites of EU member states and conducting drone shows abroad. Since we work on other orders in parallel, we need at least two weeks for the design process. In this case, we can mainly use our prefabricated elements. We recommend a lead time of at least one month to ensure a professional design process incorporating your feedback.
  • How far do you drive for a drone show?
    We run shows all over Germany, the EU and beyond (e.g. in Switzerland)! We try to make everything possible and have already had successful experiences in other EU countries. Since aviation law is standardized across Europe, we can easily hold drone shows in other member countries with our existing approval.
  • What information do you need from us?
    In the ideal case, we need the following information from you: Where will the show take place? Where is the audience? When is the show scheduled? Are you the owner of the area to be flown over? What event is the show for? What is your budget? If you can't answer all the questions yet, don't worry. Just contact us! We'll help you answer these questions.
  • How much space does a drone show need?
    We can't say that with certainty, as it largely depends on the flight altitude of the show. As a minimum, however, we should have an area of 100 meters in diameter where no bystanders are allowed - this area must be cordoned off at least for the duration of the show. This area serves as a safety buffer, which the aviation authority insits on for the worst case.
  • What conditions do we have to create?
    have enough space. If you are unsure whether this is the case, just ask us. If necessary, we can certainly find an alternative location possibly obtain permissions from the owners for the overflown areas ideally, have at least two to three weeks until the event ensure that the show area is adequately cordoned off on the day of the event (e.g. with barrier tape)
  • How expensive is a drone show?
    Please have a look our price list on.
  • How many drones make sense for my event?
    You can imagine each drone as a point of light/pixel within a motif. The number of drones that makes sense for your event depends on the desired motifs. For example, one letter requires 10-20 drones. We are happy to help you decide on a number of drones that makes sense for your individual event.
  • We are an agency - do you also design a show for our customers?
    You're welcome! We already have experience in working with agencies. Just write to us and we will design an impressive show for your customers, according to your ideas. Of course, we are also signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).
  • What is the process if I want to commission you?
    We go through the following steps together for a great drone show: Once we receive a request from you, we'll get back to you within 48 hours. Ideally, you give us all the information you already have about the event (when, where, what occasion, number of drones/budget, etc.). If you are unsure, we will of course be happy to help you answer the questions together. Once we have clarified the questions, we will send you an offer, which you can accept online. After you pay the deposit, we start designing the show and applying for everything from the aviation law. Depending on the package you choose, we will involve you in the process and you will receive regular updates from the individual show elements. If you book a preset show, we will clarify with you at the beginning which motifs you would like. We fly every show as a dress rehearsal at our test site. You are more than welcome to join us for larger shows. On the day of the show we need about 3 hours to set it up. After the successful show, you transfer the remaining order amount within two weeks. In general, we try to bother you as little as possible in this process. We are your service provider and come with solutions, not problems.
  • What happens if the show cannot take place due to bad weather, for example?
    Since the preparation of a drone show is very time-consuming and associated with costs (e.g. for programming and permits), we would have to withhold the deposit.
  • Why do you need a deposit?
    The planning and design of a drone show involves a lot of effort and money. Another cost factor in the preparation is aviation authority approval, so we can't start planning and design until we've received the deposit.
  • Is a drone show dangerous?
    Drone Shows are safe: The drones only weigh 300 grams. A calculated safety zone below the flight area and the adjacent area prevents the drones from harming people, animals or objects, in the unlikely event of a crash. Since our drones do not carry explosives, unlike fireworks, there is no risk of fire, no noise pollution and no risk of injury. As a rule, our drones do not fly above an altitude of 120 metres and therefore not in highly frequented airspace.
  • Is a drone show really sustainable?
    The drones are reusable and leave no waste. Our drones are manufactured in the EU and we generally avoid unnecessary trips. The drones only hum quietly during the show and, in contrast to, for example, the explosions of fireworks, they do not reach a volume that is harmful to humans or animals. In addition, there are no CO2 emissions such as fireworks. In the future we would like to make our operational processes more transparent. We are in contact with relevant companies to work towards CO2 neutrality. We only fly at dusk or in the dark and our drones fly at a maximum speed that allows flying animals to spot them in good time so that collisions can be avoided.
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